Preparation for the reclamation of lakes, ponds and other reservoirs. Restores the natural biological balance of the water body.

The preparation is composed of psychrophilic and psychrotrophic bacteria that are completely non-pathogenic to humans and animals. Thanks to an appropriately selected composition of microorganisms, dissolved biogenic compounds in water are reduced, the growth of algae and cyanobacteria is restricted and organic bottom sediments are reduced. The product can be used to purify all bodies of water: ponds, ponds or lakes.

REMEDIANT reduces the eutrophication processes in water bodies caused by excessive amounts of biogenic compounds dissolved in the water. The biogenic compounds responsible for the ‘water bloom’ are primarily nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. The result of eutrophication is excessive growth of algae and cyanobacteria, reduced water clarity and the formation of unpleasant odours, while the reduction of oxygen in the water causes fish die-off and the accumulation of bottom sediment and slime.  Remediant, which contains bacteria with different modes of action, effectively reduces the amount of nutrients in the water, reduces the effects of eutrophication, increases water clarity and reduces bottom sediments.

The preparation is completely safe for fish and animals using the water body.

  • results in a reduction of algae and cyanobacteria in the water depths, as well as filamentous algae,
  • increases water clarity,
  • reduces the pH of the silt favouring the reduction of bottom sediments,
  • increases the pH of the water favouring the binding of phosphate ions
  • into insoluble phosphorus compounds,
  • improves aerobic conditions,
  • increases fish health and population,
  • increases the population of zooplankton, an indicator of the cleanliness of the reservoir.

An additional effect of the formulation is to increase the fish population and increase their health. Effective phosphate management in the water is carried out by bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas, which create an equilibrium in the water body between soluble and insoluble phosphorus, thereby reducing the level of dissolved phosphates in the water contributing to the eutrophication of the water body. Several types of bacteria are responsible for denitrification, i.e. the reduction of dissolved (nitrate) nitrogen in water, carrying out the process under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

REMEDIANT is a highly concentrated microbial composite of 19 bacterial strains.

Unique and completely safe for humans, animals and the environment, the bacterial composition is responsible for carrying out targeted microbial biodegradation processes that naturally and rapidly improve degraded water bodies. The application of the biopreparation activates the biodegradation process of the sludge, activates the mechanism of biological self-purification of the water (bioreclamation) and forces an improvement in the physicochemical and hygienic and sanitary parameters of the water (bioremediation).

The preparation works in the following stages:

  1. Adaptation of microorganisms to the environment.
  2. Limitation of growth and reduction of algae in the water.
  3. Denitrification of dissolved nitrogen and conversion of soluble to insoluble phosphorus.
  4. Action of lignolytic celluloytic bacteria in bottom sediments.
  5. Action of proteolytic, lipolytic bacteria.
  6. Action of nitrifying ammonification bacteria.
  7. Action of denitrification bacteria.

10 g / 1 m2 of water surface (i.e. 1 kg / 100 m2).

Method of application:
Sprinkle the measured amount of preparation fairly evenly over the surface of the water.

Application time:
Apply the preparation when the water temperature reaches at least 7-8 oC. In practice, the first treatments are carried out in spring (April-May) and the last in autumn (September-October).

The number of applications depends on the size, degree of contamination of the tank, weather conditions. Make between one and six to seven applications per year. For long-lasting results, it is recommended to use for several consecutive seasons.


  • Application can be repeated several times per season, maintaining 14-21 day intervals.
  • Sprinkle the measured amount of preparation fairly evenly over the surface of the water.
  • Store in a dry and covered place.
  • Once opened, use within 90 days.
  • Protect from moisture.
Winning the battle against algae in the pond

Effects of REMEDIANT on one of the water bodies where we applied the product in spring 2021. The problem was the very high amount of algae, which, despite the cold spring, effectively covered most of the water surface. Approximately 45 days after application of the product, the result was significantly improved transparency of the algae-free water.