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global markets. Our
products are available
in that many countries
preparations and
in-house scientific
and technological facilities
thousand hectares - at
least that is the area on
which our products are used
A sustainable future for agriculture
The demands of the European Green Deal and changing consumer expectations require a gradual shift towards natural farming and breeding methods.
Why microorganisms?
The role of microorganisms in nature is central to the processes of the metabolism cycle. Through their activity, complex organic compounds are broken down into simple inorganic compounds, which are reintegrated into the matter cycling.
The activity of biopreparations involves the use of organisms or compounds naturally occurring in nature. These are specially prepared and selected colonies of live bacteria that we obtain from the environment.


31. GOCC Finale with BIO-GEN

31. The final of the GOCC will take place on 29 January 2023 under the motto: “We want to win against sepsis! We play for everyone – big and small!” On this occasion, we would like to invite everyone to Lodz Manufaktura to support the campaign and visit our company stand.

Farmers Weekly on BIO-GEN products

One of the UK’s largest agricultural magazines, Farmers Weekly, published a series of articles profiling Polish farmers using BIO-GEN microbial solutions. The farms visited by the journalists are located in Pomerania.

Have recent temperature fluctuations hardened the winter crops?

A record-breaking warm New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are behind us, with thermometers in Warsaw and Lower Silesia showing 16o C during the day and around 10o C at night. It was no different in other parts of the country.


Probiotics in cow breeding
Natural binding of atmospheric nitrogen by biopreparations
RevitalPRO+ for maize harvest residues