BIO-GEN scholarships

BIO-GEN scholarships

We are part of Poland’s largest student scholarship programme, “Youth in Lodz”. Together with the Department of Biotechnology and Food Sciences at the Technical University of Lodz, we are looking for young talent from the Biotechnology faculty for paid internships and placements in the BIO-GEN laboratory.

The aim of the scholarship programme is to motivate students to further their education and work, including promoting good academic performance. An important aspect is to stimulate a desire among young people to develop skills relevant to employers. BIO-GEN is a good example of a company operating in an innovative sector that is looking for candidates for its biotechnology laboratory in Lodz.

Biotechnology is not only about theory, but also about the practice we encounter on a daily basis. BIO-GEN biopreparations are widely used in agriculture and have a positive impact not only on the profitability of agricultural production, but are also a natural response to the environmental and climatic challenges we currently face. Our probiotics make it possible to improve the welfare of livestock, including, among other things, reducing the use of antibiotics in farming. In total, we already have 40 different biological preparations in our range – for soil, plants, probiotics for animals or agents for limiting the growth of algae and cyanobacteria in water bodies. Our products are used in agricultural production, horticulture, animal husbandry and in home gardens or urban greenery.

For our laboratory in Lodz, we are looking for 3 students from the Technical University of Lodz, majoring in Biotechnology, who have achieved a grade point average of at least 4.0 in the last 2 semesters. A good knowledge of English is a prerequisite for participation in the internship programme. Candidates are offered a scholarship that will last until the end of the academic year. The internship in laboratory will end with an offer of an extension in the form of an employment contract.

There is little time left to apply – applications are being accepted until 30 October 2022. The application form should be sent electronically together with scans of additional documents – proof of participation in the activities described in the application (certificates, certificates or letters of reference). The application form is available on this page.