Restoration of bacterial microflora in orchards and berry crops

BaktoTARCZA S is a natural probiotic for plants.  The bacteria in the preparation restore the natural microflora on their surface. The use of BaktoTARCZA S stimulates the natural immunity of the plants, supports regeneration processes and has a beneficial effect on the crop yield and quality.

The product is intended for prophylactic use in hygienisation treatments in orchards and berry crops.

Approved for use in organic farming


  • Start spring treatment as soon as 50% of the leaves have developed on the plant
  • Repeat treatments every 14-21 days
  • Perform autumn treatments after the harvest
  • A minimum of three applications per growing season is recommended
  • Treatments to be carried out in the late afternoon or evening
  • The preparation can be used with foliar fertilisers and all plant protection products. The product is intended for prophylactic use.
  • We recommend dissolving and mixing the product in water before adding it to the spray tank (1 kg / 10 l of water).

Application effects:

  • improves the efficiency of plant nutrition
  • stimulates vegetative and generative growth
  • increases shoot growth
  • improves plant health
  • beneficial effect on the ‘rejuvenation’ of plantations
  • increase in marketable yield and improvement in quality
  • promotes plant recovery following a stress factor
  • increases the storage value of the fruit


Use of BaktoTARCZA S in raspberry cultivation.  University of Life Sciences in Lublin, 2016.

Yield (t/ha)Number of shoots in autumn (pcs/metre)Fruit with symptoms of grey mould (%)
BaktoTARCZA S1355.38.2