Our success would not have been possible without our partners. We work with a number of Polish and international players in the sales, distribution and development of our product range. Among the most important are:

This is one of BIO-GEN’s most important business partners for the distribution of our biological preparations for soil and plants. Thanks to its knowledge of the regional specificities of farms and the current challenges in crop protection and agrotechnology, PROCAM is able to offer our customers agronomic advice at the highest level. The company has been actively trading and advising in the Polish market since 2004 and is affiliated to ProCam Agronomy & Crop Production Advice and Services UK. The company’s offer includes advice on the cultivation and protection of agricultural and horticultural plants, the purchase of agricultural crops and the sale and distribution of plant protection products, fertilisers and biostimulants and crop seed.

The company specialises in offering biotechnology solutions for agriculture and the consumer market.  It sells and distributes BIO-GEN microbiological preparations for soil and plants. One of the company’s main investors is Robert Lewandowski, captain of the Polish national football team. Bio-Lider is successively receiving further certifications for its preparations, and eleven products already have an official recommendation for organic farming. The company’s Biology for Garden range also offers products for growing indoor, balcony and garden plants.

Polski Cukier
This is a brand of Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A. – the largest state-owned food producer in Poland. The company is a strategic partner for sugar beet growers in Poland.

The company has been selling horticultural products for 30 years. It has a range of preparations for sustainable cultivation and plant care, including those for those who prefer natural methods of care and those approved for use in organic farming. Target supports the principles of sustainable agriculture which aims to grow and farm without degrading the environment.

It is Poland’s largest supplier of plant protection products in small packages for non-professional users. It also manufactures specialised horticultural fertilisers and plant care preparations for hobbyist customers. The company has been operating since 1988 and currently has over a thousand product items in its range.

It markets and popularises the use of biotechnological preparations of natural origin in households, horticulture and agriculture. The company was founded in 2003 and specialises in offering environmentally safe products. The vast majority of the company’s preparations are manufactured in Poland.

Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw
Founded in 1928, it now has over 3,500 animals of more than 500 species housed in a number of specialised buildings and enclosures. The Warsaw Zoo has an aviary, a herpetarium, a giraffe house and a monkey house. In addition, the garden includes a hippo pond and a shark tunnel, an invertebrate room, an Australian yard and an aquarium.