BIO-GEN is an innovative biotechnology company where we address the practical problems and challenges faced by farmers around the world. Working in a modern, dynamic and technologically advanced organisation gives our employees many opportunities to gain new experiences and develop their competences.

We have been in business for 32 years and during this time we have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of microbiological preparations and our products are sold all over the world. Currently, our team consists of nearly 100 people who are employed in the R&D, production, sales, accounting, administration and logistics departments.

At the heart of our company is our laboratory in Łódź, one of the most modern industrial laboratories in Europe, where we conduct research and develop solutions to support agriculture and the environment. An important part of our company is our sales department, which is made up of agricultural experts, zootechnicians and agronomists with many years of practical experience in supporting the most important decisions made by farmers, breeders and fruit growers.

However, the functioning of our company would not be possible without our production, maintenance and logistics specialists, who are responsible for the work of the production and warehouse departments including distribution and cooperation with our trade partners. The administration and finance departments, including the team responsible for investment and development of the laboratory, are an important part of BIO-GEN.

Our values

Energy and focus on success
We are always striving to stay one step ahead of the competition and are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and new ways to support our customers. We look to the future and strive to make our solutions unique. That is why we rely on ambitious, committed and passionate people who derive satisfaction from our joint achievements. We always encourage our employees to play an active role in the development of BIO-GEN and make decisions that translate into the delivery of measurable results.

Innovation and development
We are a pioneer of natural biotechnology solutions, which means that we are constantly conducting scientific research and paving the way for the practical application of bioscience. We are proud that our products are recognised and awarded, but for us the main motivation is to push the boundaries of what is possible! We have created a completely new cycle of microbiological product development from scratch – from developing the technology, obtaining and isolating bacterial strains, conducting field tests in close cooperation with farmers, to verifying the effects of our products with our partners, customers and independent research centres in Poland and around the world.

Nature and the environment
We are committed to ensuring that our solutions have a positive impact on the environment and climate and that our products are safe for humans, animals and entire ecosystems alike. Feeding the world’s growing population is a major challenge for agriculture. Biopreparations provide innovative, natural support for the disturbed soil microbial balance resulting from the intensification of agricultural production. We are developing formulations to reduce the use of mineral fertilisers, which not only has a positive impact on the quality of the food produced by farmers, but also allows biodiversity to be restored. We have developed products to support animal health and welfare, organic farming and formulations for the natural reclamation of water bodies.

We rely on the team
BIO-GEN is all about people. We believe that by working together and with the commitment of the whole team, we can achieve more and are able to take on ambitious challenges. Despite the fact that we work all over Poland and cooperate with our partners and representatives in different parts of the world, we form a responsible and close-knit team. BIO-GEN employees range from experienced experts with many years of experience in their fields to young people just starting out in their careers. What unites us, however, is the passion with which we approach our work on a daily basis.

Creating good
Our focus is not only on the environment and animal welfare, but also on people. We try to help in various ways. We have been supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for almost 20 years.  During the recent 30th GOCC finale, we auctioned a GOCC Golden Heart for PLN 777,777.  Our employees also join in and raise money for the Orchestra during the finale. We support young Polish scientists by participating in one of the largest student scholarship programmes in Poland. Together with the Department of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of the Technical University of Lodz, we motivate students to further their education, gain practical experience and promote good academic performance.