This is the brand name of the BIO-GEN-affiliated company Bio-Lider, which supplies innovative microbiological products for the care of indoor, balcony and garden plants.

Natural microbial preparations are the basis for solving the most common crop problems – avoiding the need for chemical sprays, supporting fertilisation and helping to avoid fungal diseases. They can be used to alleviate unfavourable weather conditions such as frost or high insolation, as well as to support plants in the event of excessive rainfall or drought.

Biology for Garden products are not only effective, but above all safe for people, animals and the environment, which is particularly important in areas where people are constantly present. The brand aims to provide consumers with easy and safe solutions for growing garden and houseplants, including sustainable lawn cultivation. By using Biology for Garden products, customers are assured that the garden will be a beautiful and safe place, offering the chance to relax and unwind in harmony with the biological rhythms of nature. Thanks to ongoing efficacy studies, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and experience, the action of the formulations provides users with comprehensive support in plant cultivation.

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