Due to the similar challenges faced by farmers in different regions of the world, our products are also gaining popularity outside Europe. We gained the first international recognition for the quality and effectiveness of BIO-GEN products just four years after the company was founded. At the agricultural fair in Spain, a series of our impurity utilisers won the International Gold Star award.

Since BIO-GEN’s inception, we have participated in meetings, discussions and presentations on the latest technological developments both in Europe and on other continents. We actively look at current scientific trends in biotechnology and strive to provide products that solve the problems of farmers, breeders and fruit growers in different regions of the world with their local specificities.

In addition to our core business of developing microbial formulations for plants and soil and probiotics for animals, we are also one of the world’s leading suppliers of medicinal leeches for human and animal treatment. Bio-Farma is a breeding of three species of medicinal leeches (Hirudo verbana, Hirudo medicinalis and Hirudo orientalis) which has been operating since 2002 and is constantly improving the breeding and reproduction methods of these animals. We are cooperating in this area with other global research centres. Over the past 20 years, we have built up a strong export position in the European Union, the USA and Canada, amongst others.

Space research
In October 2017, during the Mars analogue mission ICAres-1, astronauts conducted experiments in biology, psychology and medicine. Leeches provided by BIO-GEN were used in the biological tests. Over the course of the mission, they were subjected to an assessment of their development potential under simulated Martian station conditions. In April 2019, we became the leech supplier for Habitat’s LUNARES-1 analogue mission. One of the aims of the programme was to test the survival conditions of the leeches during a planned space voyage. The experiments and findings were reported by Reuters, CNN and NBC around the world.

Since 2017, we have started to establish active commercial and scientific contacts in the Chinese market.  We regularly participate in trade fairs, exhibitions and industry meetings such as Watertech Guangzhou EXPO, China International Modern Agricultural Exhibition in Beijing and China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair. Of particular interest in the Asian market are our preparations for waste disposal and a biological preparation for the reclamation of water bodies.

Middle East
Qatar is the first country on the Arabian Peninsula, besides Saudi Arabia, where an official BIO-GEN branch office has been established. Our microbial products are used in local palm crops and animal husbandry, especially camels. An interesting project in the local market is the use of our formulations on golf courses in Qatar and Saudi Arabia to improve the quality of grass affected by over-drying. We are an active participant in the most important agricultural events in the region, meeting local farmers and conducting field research together. Every year we participate in the Saudi Agricultural & Agro-Industry Show, the Saudi Agriculture, Water & Agro-Industry Show or the Agriteq Fair, which is one of the largest agricultural fairs bringing together almost 400 companies from all over the world. As part of an agreement with Qatar’s Ministry of Agriculture, we are undertaking the development of a palm leaf ensiling formulation.  Our role is to supply bacteria to speed up ensiling and increase the efficiency of the whole process. This is one of the most innovative and promising scientific projects, as palm leaves have never been used for roughage before. The project is being carried out jointly with scientists from Tunisia.

In Africa, our activity is mainly focused on the North African markets – Sudan, Tunisia and Morocco. We regularly participate in the International Show of Agriculture, Machinery and Fishing in Tunis, the International Agriculture Exhibition in Morocco and Sudan + AgroFood + Packaging Water Systems in Khartoum. Together with our local representatives, we meet with clients analysing the effectiveness of BIO-GEN formulations under African conditions. In Sudan, we are working with scientists from Gazira University who are conducting research into the effects of using microbial products on tomato and wheat yields.

South America
In 2018, we began operations in the Brazilian agricultural market. One of the first projects was to start promoting organic plant cultivation and sustainable animal husbandry. To this end, we have teamed up with one of the legends of world volleyball, many time Brazilian representative Gilberto Amauri de Godoy Filho ‘Giba’.