The use of biological preparations in agricultural production is becoming increasingly common due to their efficacy and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, their popularisation is driven by the need to move towards agricultural production that reduces the burden on the environment. This is a direct result of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy which, as part of the European Green Deal, calls for a significant reduction in mineral fertilisation and the use of plant protection products.

Biopreparations include all products whose activity involves the use of organisms or compounds naturally occurring in nature. In case of BIO-GEN preparations, these are primarily specially prepared and selected colonies of live bacteria obtained directly from the natural environment.

The most important role of biopreparations is to help restore the disturbed soil microbial balance that results from the intensification of agricultural production. In this way, at least in part, the natural capacity of the soil to nourish plants effectively is restored. Due to the stimulating properties of the bacteria, the ability of the plants to develop a strong root system is also improved through their effect on the endocrine system, allowing better water management. Finally, biopreparations make it easier for plants to overcome stress resulting from adverse environmental factors that necessarily accompany any agricultural production today. In this way, plants become more resistant to stress caused by both drought and excess water, excessive soil compaction, pollution by synthetic organic compounds or, finally, plant infestation by diseases and pests.

BIO-GEN provides solutions for soil, plants and probiotics for animals. Our products are used in agricultural production, horticulture, animal husbandry and in home gardens or urban greenery. We supply preparations for the promotion of soil biological life, agents designed to hygienise the plant root system or foliar-applied bacterial preparations designed to restore the natural microflora on the plant surface. We also sell an ensiling aid and an algae and blue-green algae inhibitor for water bodies. In addition, we produce microbial dressings.

The applications of BIO-GEN bacterial products in agriculture are wide-ranging:

  • biopreparations help to restore the soil’s microbial balance thanks to an optimal composition of strains of different bacterial species;
  • they accelerate the mineralisation process, which makes it possible to increase the availability of nutrients resulting from the decomposition of organic matter – thus reducing the need for high doses of mineral fertiliser;
  • biological preparations make use of the natural ability of certain micro-organisms to break down plant components that are difficult to degrade, such as lignins, celluloses and hemicelluloses, activate the humus process, which maintains proper air-water relations in the soil, increases the assimilability of nutrients, maintains moisture in the soil, prevents excessive soil compaction processes and protects plants from the effects of unfavourable stresses on crops;
  • the bacteria in the biopreparations also help maintain the correct soil structure.