Biopreparations are involved in many of the most essential processes related to soil fertility in the broadest sense. However, obtaining high-performance biological agents requires the right technology to ensure a high concentration of bacteria. Therefore, their multiplication takes place in computer-controlled bioreactors, which ensures full control over the process of their formation.

BIO-GEN’s biopreparations come from one of the most modern industrial laboratories in Poland, which is located in Łódź. We are one of the pioneers in the commercial application of biopreparations – the technology we use has been developed for almost 30 years and our products are sold worldwide. This is possible thanks to the appropriate laboratory equipment, which allows not only the research on the microorganisms themselves, but also enables them to be produced in sufficiently large quantities, with a high concentration and at the same time very high purity, which is an essential factor of their effectiveness.


Key features of our biotechnology solutions:

  • We have developed our own proprietary technology that uses the latest advances in global biotechnology. We are continually developing our technological and scientific facilities and improving the composition of our formulations;
  • We have our own bank of bacterial strains. There are now more than 150 different strains, allowing us to conduct independent research and explore new applications;
  • Our products are among the most advanced microbiological preparations available on the market. Many of these are based on several or even a dozen different bacterial strains;
  • Because our range includes bacteria in a highly concentrated lyophilised form, it is possible to use our products conveniently in small doses;
  • We have implemented strict quality control systems, which ensures high product stability and repeatability.