Microbial seed treatment preparation

SuperPower has a beneficial effect on plants in the early stages of development by stimulating their growth directly and indirectly. Direct plant growth promotion by the microorganisms contained in the preparation consists, among other things, in improving the efficiency of nutrient uptake (nitrogen, phosphorus, iron), synthesising phytohormones that stimulate the development of the root system and aboveground parts of plants (auxins, cytokines, gibberellins), as well as reducing the level of ethylene, which in high concentrations adversely affects plant rooting.

The indirect promotion of plant growth by the microorganisms present in SuperPower involves hygienisation of the plant growth and development environment and the production of metabolites that support the condition and proper development of the root system.

Approved for use in organic farming


  • Before sowing, dissolve the amount of treatment needed in a small amount of water (about 0.5-0.8 litres) by stirring vigorously, add the resulting solution to the preparation, stir, treat as usual.
  • For best results, the product should be applied in the late afternoon and evening during higher humidity.

Application effects:

  • better and more uniform emergence
  • increased seedling vigour
  • improves the efficiency of plant nutrition
  • stimulating plant growth

Opinions on our products


Effect of SuperPower dressing on the development and yield of maize plants. IOR Experimental Station Rzeszów 2021.

Table 1 Evaluation of maize development at BBCH 14. Rzeszów 2021.

Av. plant height [cm]Av. above ground weight [g]Av. root system weight [g]
SuperPower23.741.5 (+35%)57.6 (+43%)

Table 2. Maize grain yield [t/ha] Rzeszów 2021.

Av. grain yield [t/ha]
(Moisture content 14%)

The yield obtained from a comparative experiment in the village of Rębielcz, Pomeranian Voivodeship 2020/2021 expressed in t/ha

Yield [t/ha]Yield [t/ha]
7.17.762 +10%
Yield difference
0.662 [t/ha]