Plant growth biostimulator to increase yield and quality.
Improving yields

The Superplon K growth biostimulator is an innovative formulation containing simple phenolic compounds, naturally occurring in plants.  They are involved in many important metabolic processes, so the effect of the preparation on plants is multidirectional. The ingredients in the formulation indirectly stimulate the synthesis of plant phytohormones, stimulating plants to grow faster in vegetative and generative growth.

The use of the product under stressful conditions that are unfavourable for plant growth (drought, excessively low or high temperatures, fungal and bacterial diseases, as well as cultivation factors such as replanting or fertilisation errors) increases the plants’ tolerance to stress, accelerates their adaptation to changing growing conditions and also speeds up plant recovery once the stress factor has subsided. An additional effect of Superplon K is the strengthening of cell structures and improvement of cell wall integrity, which, combined with the greater vigour shown by the plants, translates into an increase in the mechanical resistance of the plants to damage and infection.

The stimulating effect of Superplon K on the photosynthetic process results in a greater increase in biomass through increased yield potential and improved yield quality (increased number of pods and grains per pod, better filling of grains with gluten and protein, higher concentration of sugars in the fruit flesh).




  • To prepare a working solution for spraying a plantation of 1 ha, dilute 0.3-1.0 litres of the preparation in 200-500 litres of water or use the recommended concentration of 0.1%-0.2% (dilute 1-2 ml of the preparation in 1 litre of water). Perform the spray at any stage of active plant growth. The treatment can be repeated up to 3 times during the growing season at 20-30 day intervals. A higher dose of the preparation per ha (1 litre) or a higher concentration (0.2%) is used if, at the time of application, due to the type of crop or stage of development, the plants have a relatively small leaf area and thus limited absorption capacity.


  • Water the plants with a 0.1%-0.2% solution (dilute 1-2 ml of the product in 1 litre of water).

Soaking of seedlings, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes:

  • Soak for 4-8 hours in a 0.1%-0.2% solution (dilute 1-2 ml of the product in 1 litre of water).

Fruit crops (stone fruit):

  • Recommended concentration: 0.2% (200 ml of growth stimulator in 100 l of water). Recommended amount of water: 500 l per 1 ha. Apply several times during the growing season, before and during flowering and initial fruit growth.

Application effects:

  • stimulates plants to grow faster
  • increases plant vigour during growth
  • increases plant tolerance to stress factors
  • accelerates plant regeneration in response to a stress factor
  • increases the natural resistance of plants to mechanical damage and penetration of agrophages
  • improves plant health
  • increases yield and quality