Modern foliar fertiliser
Foliar fertiliser

An innovative preparation, whose carefully selected ingredients support many very important cellular processes, mainly the energy cycle in plants. In addition, thanks to its precisely formulated composition, the preparation effectively reduces the hardness of the water, thereby improving the solubility of the other components of the tank mixture.

The formulation effectively reduces surface tension so that the application liquid evenly covers the plant and promotes the uptake of nutrients and other substances.

PROleaf AQUA regulates the pH to support the effectiveness of the substances used together.


Application and composition:


  • 1% nitrogen in the ammonia form (NH₄)
  • 31% phosphoric anhydride (P₂O₅)


  • all crops 0.1 l of product / 100 l of water

Add the appropriate amount of preparation to the water in the sprayer with the agitator switched on (if there is no agitator in the sprayer, stir mechanically).

Once a homogeneous liquid has been obtained, add the other products (fertilisers, RDAs) and mix until a homogeneous solution is obtained. NOTE! PROleaf Aqua can be mixed with most agrochemical preparations: insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth promoters, foliar fertilisers.

Application effects:

  • reduction of water hardness
  • reduction in the pH of the spray liquid
  • reducing the surface tension of the spray liquid