Microbiological stimulation of regeneration and development of plants damaged by the European corn borer

OstriniaSTOP is a formulation for the hygienisation of the growth and development environment of maize plants that are exposed to the feeding of the corn borer larvae (Ostrinia nubilalis). The bacteria in the preparation support the regeneration processes after a stress factor and stimulate proper plant development.

The effect of using OstriniaSTOP is to improve the condition of the plants, stimulate natural.

Approved for use in organic farming


  • Apply at the BBCH 16-31 stage, after the butterflies have emerged from the pupae
  • In the event of a large and prolonged infestation by the European corn borer, the product can be applied again approx. 4 weeks after the first treatment, using a stilt sprayer
  • For best results, the product should be applied in the late afternoon and evening.
  • The preparation can be used with foliar fertilisers and all plant protection products.
  • We recommend dissolving and mixing the product in water before adding it to the spray tank (1 kg / 10 l of water).

Application effects:

  • improving the condition of maize crops
  • increase in green matter yield (maize for fodder) and grain yield (maize for grain)
  • increase in yield quality
  • reduction in losses caused by the feeding of corn borer larvae and an increase in yield quantity and quality.

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Effects of OstriniaSTOP. Average from 6 locations, Poland, 2022.