Microbiological stimulation of regeneration and development of plants damaged by nematodes

NicienieSTOP is a microbiological preparation for the hygienisation of the root environment of plants that are exposed to nematode feeding. The microorganisms contained in the preparation stimulate proper root development following the stress factor, stimulate the correct root development and improve nutrient uptake.

The effect of using NicienieSTOPis to improve the condition of the plants and increase the crop yield and quality.



  • Immediately before sowing or planting apply the product into soil, after application mix evenly into the soil
  • The spraying can be repeated 2-3 times during the growing season.
  • The preparation can be used with mineral and organic fertilisers and all plant protection products, except the fungicides.
  • The preparation can also be used to treat seed or seed potatoes 1-3 days before sowing or planting.
  • We recommend dissolving and mixing the product in water before adding it to the spray tank (1 kg / 10 l of water).

Application effects:

  • better development of the root system
  • better overwintering of plants
  • improves yields
  • increase in processing quality
  • reduction of losses caused by nematodes

Opinions on our products


Efficacy of the formulation in celery cultivation. InHort Skierniewice Kościelna, 2017.

CombinationTotal yield (t/ha)Root weight (t/ha)Leaf weight (t/ha)
NicienieSTOP (soil spraying)85.86817.8
NicienieSTOP (soaking of seedlings)

Reducing crop losses in the carrot crop. InHort Skierniewice, 2016.

CombinationTotal yield (t/ha)Commercial yield (t/ha)Non-marketable yield (t/ha)