Microbiological preparation creating unfavourable feeding conditions for nematodes
Reducing the use of pesticides

This is a microbial soil preparation that reduces the occurrence of nematode-infested plants. The formulation contains selected bacterial strains characterised by high multiplication capacity.

Once introduced into the soil, the preparation’s bacteria colonise the plant rhizosphere, forming a barrier on the plant surface that makes plant roots less attractive to nematodes. The microbial barrier on the root surface also prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms carried by nematodes affecting the occurrence of other secondary diseases.

The use of NEMATADO BIOCONTROL makes it possible to reduce the use of pesticides on crops.



Field crops:

To prepare a working solution for spraying an area of 1 ha, dissolve 1 kg of the preparation in 200-500 litres of water.  Distribute the product evenly over the soil surface as a spray using low pressure and coarse droplets. The treatment should be carried out during cultivation or other agro-technical operations to enable good and even mixing of the product with the soil. The treatment can be repeated 2-3 times during the growing season.

Vegetable crops:

  • It is recommended to apply the product before planting seedlings or sowing seeds at a rate of 1 kg/ha. The preparation can also be used to treat seed material or seed potatoes 1-3 days before sowing or planting.
  • To prepare a seed dressing for 1 ha of crop area, dissolve 1 kg of the preparation in water and apply to the seed material as a fine droplet spray. Apply the dressing within 1-3 days of making it.
  • The product is safe for humans and plants and does not contain organisms or substances derived from genetically modified organisms.
  • NEMATADO BIOCONTROL can be used in combination with mineral and organic fertilisers

Application effects:

  • better development of the root system
  • better overwintering of plants
  • improves yields
  • increases the processing quality of the crop.


Efficacy of the formulation in celery cultivation.
InHort Skierniewice Kościelna, 2017

CombinationTotal yield (t/ha)Root weight (t/ha)Leaf weight (t/ha)
(soil spraying)
BIOCONTROL (seedling soaking)

Reducing crop losses in the carrot crop.
InHort Skierniewice, 2016.

CombinationTotal yield (t/ha)Commercial yield (t/ha)Non-marketable yield (t/ha)