Bacterial probiotic for field crops

Cereal and oilseed grains, when sown into the ground, often enter an ecosystem in which the microbial balance has been disturbed by agrochemical treatments. The surroundings of the germinating grain become colonised by undesirable microflora.

GARD T is used to hygienise the environment of field crops. The formulation prevents the growth of unwanted microflora by inoculating the crop environment with appropriate bacterial cultures isolated from the natural environment. The effect of using GARD T is accelerated plant growth and improved plant health.

Approved for use in organic farming


To prepare a working solution for spraying an area of 1 ha, dissolve 1 kg of the preparation in 200-300 litres of water.  The formulation can be mixed in a separate container and added to the sprayer or diluted directly in the diluent.

Recommended sample treatment times:

  1. In early spring at the start of the resumption of growth of winter crops.
  2. In the flowering phase
  3. From 3-4 maize leaves to a height of approx. 60 cm.
  4. In rape from the 4-leaf stage to budding.

Do not mix the product with fungicides.

If there is a need for a fungicide treatment of the crop, the preparation may not be applied until one week after the last chemical treatment.  GUARD T can be mixed with foliar fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides.

Application effects:

  • increases plant vigour
  • improves plant nutrition
  • stimulates vegetative and generative growth
  • promotes plant recovery following a stress factor
  • improves plant health
  • allows reducing chemical residues in the crop
  • increases the yield and quality