Makes atmospheric nitrogen available to plants

FosfoPower contains selected strains of PSB (Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria) producing, among other things, organic acids and enzymes that effectively dissolve difficult-to-access forms of phosphorus from both inorganic and organic soil resources. The surplus that results from these processes can be used by plants.  The use of FosfoPower allows plants to make use of unavailable forms of phosphorus contained in the soil, increases the efficiency of mineral phosphorus fertilisation and enables phosphorus fertiliser doses to be reduced.

Numerous studies confirm that the application of PSB bacteria can release and make available to plants an average of 40-45 kg P2O5/ha!

Innovative Agricultural Product of the Year 2022
Approved for use in organic farming


  • Field crops: pre-sowing in the form of a soil spray, pre-emergence and in the early stages of plant development.
  • Orchards and berry fruit: with the start of spring vegetation as a spray, in the herbicide strip.
  • Vegetables: pre-sowing or prior to planting as a top-dressing spray

Application effects:

  • Reduces the amount of mineral phosphate fertiliser applied
  • Improves efficiency of mineral fertilisation
  • Improves crop yields


Effect of FosfoPower on maize dry matter yield – Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – National Research Institute in Puławy 2022.

Experiment conducted in two repetitions.

Phosphorus (100% dosage)90
Phosphorus (100% dosage) + FosfoPower95.6 + 6%
ObjectA series
Control (Without P fertilisation) 69.74
FosfoPower (without P fertilisation) 75.24 +8%
  • FosfoPower tested had a positive effect on plant growth under conditions of low soil phosphorus content.
  • the results of the study confirmed the effectiveness of FosfoPower under conditions of limited supply of assimilable phosphorus to the plants.