Microbiological stimulation of regeneration and development of plants damaged by caterpillars

ErucaSTOP is a preparation for the hygienization of the growth and development environment of plants that are exposed to caterpillar feeding. The bacteria in the preparation support the regeneration processes after a stress factor and stimulate proper plant development.

The effect of using ErucaSTOP is to improve the condition of the plants, stimulate natural immunity and increase the crop yield and quality.



  • The first treatment should be carried out when the first caterpillars appear
  • Repeat subsequent treatments every 7-14 days depending on weather conditions and caterpillar pressure
  • For best results, the product should be applied in the late afternoon and evening and on cloudy days during high humidity. After treatment, the liquid should remain on the plants for as long as possible

Application effects:

  • improved development of fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants
  • support of regenerative processes
  • improves plant health
  • improves yields
  • increase in yield quality
  • reduction of losses caused by caterpillars

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