Microbiological stimulation of regeneration and development of plants damaged by the cabbage fly

DeliaSTOP is a preparation for the hygienic treatment of the root environment of brassica plants that are prone to feeding by larvae of the cabbage fly (Delia radicum) and other species of the genus Delia.

The bacteria in the formulation support the growth of proper microflora on the roots, stems and leaves of Brassicaceae plants, and the regeneration processes after a stress factor and stimulate proper plant development.

The effect of using DeliaSTOP is to improve the condition of the plants, stimulate natural immunity and increase the crop yield and quality.

Approved for use in organic farming



  • Immediately before sowing/planting apply the product into soil, after application mix evenly into the soil
  • In oilseed rape cultivation, apply as a spray up to the stage of four proper leaves
  • In the cultivation of brassica vegetables, apply as soon as possible after planting in the form of a spray
  • In the event of a high incidence of blacklegs, the product is applied topically and then sprayed on the plants after approx. 4 weeks
  • For best results, the product should be applied in the late afternoon and evening, preferably using the large-droplet spraying.

The preparation can be used with foliar fertilisers and all plant protection products.
We recommend dissolving and mixing the product in water before adding it to the spray tank (1 kg / 10 l of water).

Application effects:

  • improving the development of the root system
  • better overwintering of plants
  • improving the condition of brassica crops
  • increase in yield and quality
  • reduction of losses caused by cabbage fly larvae

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% effectiveness of application of DeliaSTOP in three stages – Poland