Preparation for the microbiological treatment of waste water and the improvement of environmental and sanitary conditions in litter-free livestock facilities
20 years on the market

BIOSAN series preparations used in livestock facilities improve environmental and sanitary conditions by eliminating unpleasant odours and disposing of liquid and solid waste.

Biopreparations of the BIOSAN series are safe for humans, animals and the environment

  • Reduces unpleasant odours in and around livestock housing, storerooms, animal runs and shelters, zoos, cages and pens for amateur animals
  • Significantly reduces the hydrogen sulphide and ammonia content of animal facilities and very significantly reduce emissions of these gases into the environment
  • Reduces the emission of pathogenic microbial contaminants into the environment
  • Significantly reduces the number of flies and their larvae and endoparasite spores
  • Reduces respiratory and digestive diseases in humans and animals and limb diseases in animals
  • Reduces humidity in livestock facilities
  • Reduces pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi in animal enclosures, faeces and animal waste water
  • Reduces unpleasant odours during the storage and spreading of manure and the spreading of slurry on fields, and results in the rapid and beneficial regeneration of degraded soil microflora
  • Influences the fast and correct disposal of slurry, the mineralisation of manure, the homogenisation of biomass and the unblocking of drains and the maintenance of liquid manure tanks
  • The biopreparation is applied at a rate of 20 g per m³ of wastewater or anticipated waste every 14 days.
  • If justified, repeat the treatment every 7 days.
  • Pour the calculated and weighed amount of preparation into a tank or septic tank, or introduce it through a closed sewer system.
  • The preparation can be used in the presence of animals, including aquatic animals.

BIOSAN KZ 2000 is available in packs:

  • 250 g
  • 1 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 25 kg
BIOSAN KZ 2000 for slurry in pig production

It is a universal waste utiliser that finds its use, among other things, as a slurry additive in pig production. Thanks to the invitation of Mr Tomasz Cichoński, we had the opportunity to see how our product performs in practice, especially during higher temperatures. The preparation is effective in eliminating unpleasant odours, preventing the formation of dross and, thanks to its high concentration, the dosage is very low, between 5 and 20 grams per cubic metre of waste, once every two weeks.

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