Restoration of the bacterial microflora in field crops

BaktoTARCZA P is a natural probiotic for plants.  The preparation has a broad composition of beneficial microorganisms that favourably influence the condition and development of field crops.

The bacteria contained in the preparation colonise the plant surface, creating a natural microbial barrier.

The use of BaktoTARCZA P stimulates the natural immunity of the plants and supports regeneration processes.   In addition, the bacteria in the preparation stimulate plant growth and development.

Approved for use in organic farming


  • It is recommended to carry out the first treatment in the early stages of development.
  • Examples of application dates: cereals – at the shooting stage, at the fully developed flag leaf stage and at the flowering stage, maize – from 3-4 leaves, up to 60 cm in height, oilseed rape – from the 4th leaf stage to budding
  • A minimum of three applications per growing season is recommended
  • For best results, the product should be applied in the late afternoon and evening.
  • The preparation can be used with foliar fertilisers and all plant protection products. The product is intended for prophylactic use. We recommend dissolving and mixing the product in water before adding it to the spray tank (1 kg / 10 l of water).

Application effects:

  • increases plant vigour
  • improves the efficiency of plant nutrition
  • stimulates vegetative and generative growth
  • supports plant regeneration after stress
  • improves plant health
  • reduces chemical residues in the crop
  • increases yield and quality
  • allows a reduction in the use of plant protection products

Opinions on our products


Average yield (t/ha) of winter wheat after application of BaktoTARCZA P.

YieldYield [t/ha]Yield saved
Control T2 (BBCH 39)7.950.45
BaktoTARCZA P 1.0 kg/ha8.671.17
BaktoTARCZA P 0.5 kg/ha+ Fungicide 50% dose8.791.29