Makes atmospheric nitrogen available to plants

AzotoPower contains bacteria from the genera Azotobacter and Arthrobacter. These are free-living, non-symbiotic microorganisms involved in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen (N2).

The bacteria in the product reduce atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available forms (up to 50 kg N/ha per year), supplying the plants with nitrogen – the most important yield-forming nutrient.

The bacteria contained in AzotoPower belong to the group of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPR). They stimulate the synthesis of phytohormones (e.g. cytokinins, gibberellins), improve the development of the root system and the efficiency of plant nutrition, and promote stress resistance.

Approved for use in organic farming


  • Field crops: pre-sowing as a soil spray; during the growing season: after sowing, after emergence, at the tillering stage, in spring after the start of vegetation as a foliar spray.
  • Orchards and berry fruit: with the start of spring vegetation as a spray, in the herbicide strip.
  • Vegetables: pre-sowing or before planting as a soil spray; at any stage of active growth as a foliar spray.
  • Ornamentals, grassland: in any phase of active growth as a foliar spray

Application effects:

  • bonding atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to plants
  • limiting the amount of nitrogen fertiliser used
  • improving the yield of crops and succeeding crops
  • stimulation of plant growth and development

Opinions on our products


SY Brenton maize yield results.  Jałowiec, municipality of Ryjewo 2021

Timing of AzotoPower application: I-sowing; II-phase of 4 maize leaves

Control AzotoPower2x AzotoPower
Yield [t/ha]12.6013.4413.76
Yield increase [t/ha]00.841.16

AzotoPower in the Findus winter wheat crop.  Tczewskie Łąki, Tczew municipality 2021/2022

Timing of AzotoPower applications: pre-sowing
Increase in Nmin content in kg/ha, in layer 0-60 by 33 kg N/ha in favour of AzotoPower

Sample laboratory code Customer informationContent in mg/kg of soilNmin content in kg/haNmin content in kg/ha in layer 0-60Affluence
Sample designationSoil agronomic categoryN-NO2N-NH2
GA/46/112.60AzotoPower 0-30light6.20<1.0027.9070.20średnia