Innovative Agricultural Product of the Year 2022

Innovative Agricultural Product of the Year 2022

The biological formulation FosfoPower, which is designed to convert unabsorbable forms of phosphorus into plant-available forms, has been awarded the prestigious Innovative Agricultural Product 2022 award.

BIO-GEN has been recognised in the category of soil conditioners, growth promoters and plant boosters. The aim of the competition is to popularise innovative technologies and farming practices that make agricultural production more efficient, improve animal welfare or reduce the negative impact of agricultural production on the climate and the environment.

The award, on behalf of the entire BIO-GEN team, was received by Ewa Kaniowicz, CEO of BIO-GEN, at the National Challenges in Agriculture 2022 gala. The gala sums up one of the largest events bringing together experts in the agri-food industry in Poland. The conference has been bringing together agricultural producers for a decade, giving them the opportunity to voice their opinions, share their knowledge and provides an opportunity to present their vision for the future of agriculture and a practical approach to innovation.

During the two days of meetings, there was also our presentation. Artur Wyczling, agronomy specialist at BIO-GEN, gave a presentation entitled ‘Biotechnology at the service of agriculture’, during which he pointed out the benefits of biotechnology solutions for agriculture and livestock breeding. “Biotechnology at the service of agriculture”, during which he pointed out the benefits that biotechnological solutions bring to agriculture and livestock breeding. The European Union, despite the war in Ukraine, intends to continue to implement an action plan for the elimination of water, air and soil pollution, in which environmental pollution will be reduced to levels that are not harmful to human health and natural ecosystems. Part of this plan is the Common Agricultural Policy, including the ‘Farm to Table Strategy’, which aims, among other things, to reduce the use of fertilisers or the preventive use of antibiotics in animal husbandry. BIO-GEN’s solutions, including soil and plant biopreparations and our probiotics, are in line with EU goals and provide practical solutions for farmers and growers to implement the objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy.

FosfoPower is a good example of a preparation which, thanks to the innovative use of selected strains of PSB (Phosphorus Solubilising Bacteria), allows the production of, among other things, organic acids and enzymes that effectively dissolve difficult-to-access forms of phosphorus from both soil and organic resources. The resulting surpluses can be utilised by plants, which benefit from the unavailable forms of phosphorus contained in the soil, increasing the efficiency of mineral phosphorus fertilisation and making it possible to reduce fertiliser doses.