Forbes Poland on BIO-GEN

Forbes Poland on BIO-GEN

The latest issue of Forbes Poland features an interview with the BIO-GEN management team. In the interview, we touched, among other things, on the situation in the fertiliser market and outlined the challenges currently faced by food producers.

The text, of course, did not lack elements related to innovation and the future of agriculture, including the role of biotechnology in market innovation. Our company has been on the market for 32 years and from the very beginning we have emphasised the development of safe, biological products based on microorganisms. We are now the leader in agrobiotechnology in Poland and every year we strive to launch new products that address the problems faced by agricultural producers. We are also constantly expanding the laboratory – the heart of our company.

As Ewa Kaniowicz, CEO of BIO-GEN, says in an interview with Forbes:

The production begins in the lab, we grow beneficial microorganisms – bacteria and fungi. We are expanding and putting in new lines, sourcing modern equipment to ensure product quality and repeatability. On the four floors of our laboratory in Lodz, a team of experts works on the development of new formulations and the bioreactors operate continuously to ensure uninterrupted supply to customers.

Until recently, farmers were cautious about microbial products, and it was hard to get them to talk and show them how such products worked. However, this is changing and the awareness of farmers is steadily increasing and they are increasingly interested in our offer. There is a growing number of young farmers who are constantly improving their knowledge, are interested in innovation, and are aware that maintaining productivity requires new approaches.

Jarosław Peczka, owner of BIO-GEN, emphasises in an interview that:

Our advantage is that we have only been operating in this sphere of biology for more than 30 years and we have specialised in this, we have a wide range of products for practically all crops, targeting all kinds of problems – diseases, pests, increasing plant resistance. The direction that was taken more than 30 years ago is correct. We know that what we are doing is meaningful. Our products are their own best seller.

The full interview is available on the Forbes Poland website.
Foto: Piotr Waniorek.