European Agricultural Forum 2022

European Agricultural Forum 2022

We are a strategic partner of the European Agricultural Forum, which is a platform for discussions and meetings with representatives of Polish and international politics. The forum is also an opportunity to present the latest solutions and tools dedicated to improving the quality of agricultural production and innovation in agriculture.

The event attracts several thousand participants every year – farmers, agricultural advisors, producers and processors, members of agricultural trade unions, representatives of local government units and scientific and industry institutions from all over Europe. This year we are a strategic partner of the event and Jarosław Peczka took part in the main panel discussion. Issues such as the innovation of microbial preparations used in agricultural production – especially in the context of the Green Deal and the fertiliser crisis, the future of farmers as well as consumers – were raised during the discussions.

During the panel discussion ‘Green agriculture – modern solutions’, Jarosław Peczka referred to the barriers associated with the implementation of innovation. He expressed the view that, in Poland, we are afraid of change and it is this attitude that mainly hinders the development of green agriculture.

In our country, there is a lack of understanding of solutions in the area of green biotechnology, while abroad innovative products are welcomed with great openness. However, change should be pursued through evolution rather than seeking revolution. Reason and new technologies can help not only to achieve, but even to surpass the Green Deal goals.

– he argued during the debate.

The European Agricultural Forum 2022 was dedicated to the most important challenges currently facing Polish and European agriculture. Leading politicians and experts attending the conference were in no doubt that the biggest impact on the agricultural sector in the coming months and even years will be the situation in Ukraine and the Russian aggression against the country.

Jerzy Buzek, Chairman of the Programme Council of the European Fund for the Development of Polish Rural Areas Foundation and former Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, in his opening speech at the European Agricultural Forum, pointed out the events that have most affected the economy and agriculture in Poland and Europe in recent years and months, the consequences of which will be long-term. These are the dangers caused by climate change, with its unpredictable and tragic consequences for farmers, the pandemic that has led to a weakening of the European economy and, above all, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. These events have an impact on our security, but in his view, famine is not a threat to Europe.

This was echoed by Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, who assured that there was no immediate food threat to Poland and the EU in the short term due to the war in Ukraine. Instead, the threat exists at a global level, mainly in countries in the Middle East and North Africa.