BIO-GEN at Tier&Technik in Switzerland

BIO-GEN at Tier&Technik in Switzerland

From 12 to 24 February, Sankt Gallen in Switzerland hosted the region’s largest agricultural fair known as ‘Tier&Technik’. The BIO-GEN representation also took part in the event. The aim of the visit was to learn about the specifics of crop and livestock production in Switzerland.

The event is hugely successful every year and this time was no different. In the nine halls of the ‘Olma Messen’ complex, all the major companies operating in Switzerland presented their solutions.

Due to the small amount of land suitable for cultivation, it is important for the Swiss to make optimal use of every area, even a small one. An additional difficulty is the unfavourable terrain. This has implications for, among other things, the range of agricultural machines, which are lower and wider and often have each wheel drive transmitted independently, which is conducive to working on very steep terrain.

Another problem is the labour high cost, which encourages a high degree of automation in production. For this reason, solutions are found here that cost dizzying sums of money, but use the latest technological advances, such as drone control of field machinery.

The animal exhibition was very popular at Tier&Technik. Carefully modelled and trimmed cows from the best farms fought valiantly for the top laurels. The pig race proved to be no less of an attraction. The farmer who exhibited the fastest pig specimen can boast the accolade for the next year – until the next edition of the fair.