AzotoPower – a new formulation in the BIO-GEN range

AzotoPower – a new formulation in the BIO-GEN range

AzotoPower is a product that responds to the deepening crisis in the nitrogen fertiliser market. High fertiliser prices, the European Union’s policy of implementing the principles of the European Green Deal, as well as concern for the environment, have encouraged us to look for solutions that are economically viable and useful in practice.

AzotoPower is a bacterial preparation based on four strains of bacteria from the genera Azotobacter and Arthrobacter, which effectively fix atmospheric nitrogen for plants. It contains in its composition beneficial bacteria in high concentration, fixing atmospheric nitrogen at a rate of up to 30 kg/ha, which is exactly what tobacco, for example, needs to produce a good quality crop.

The product is easy to use, the dose used is 100g/ha in soil, as a spray, before planting. The soil should be stirred after application. When applying AzotoPower post-emergence, remember to spray at the first stages of plant development, preferably during a period of increased moisture, in the evening or late afternoon, with less sunshine. The formulation can be combined with various agrochemicals, excluding fungicides. This is a solution to reduce the amount of mineral nitrogen applied.

The use of AzotoPower:

  • Enables nitrogen assimilation at an average level: 30-35kg N* which is comparable to approximately 100kg of ammonium nitrate
  • 100 g of AzotoPower covers the nitrogen requirement for winter wheat grain production of 1 to 1.2 tons per hectare
  • Allows a significant reduction in the application rates of other nitrogen fertilisers and an efficient use of fertiliser and therefore an increase in yields
  • Helps preserve yield under the constraints of the EU’s European Green Deal
  • 100 g of AzotoPower covers the nitrogen requirement for winter rape grain production of 0.5 to 0.6 ton per hectare
  • It makes nitrogen available on a long-term basis in a form that is fully assimilated by the plants (up to 6-7 months after application).
  • The post-harvest effect does not end with the harvesting of the plant where the product has been applied, but also benefits the succeeding plants
  • Applied topically, it will provide nitrogen to the plants from 4-10 weeks after application

AzotoPower is available through the Bio-Lider and PROCAM Polska sales network. More information about the product can be found on this page.

* amount of nitrogen taken up from the atmosphere and available to plants